Here are my V For Vendetta super rare Warrior Magazine #5 prep photos and magazine.

It is from the V for Vendetta cover to Warrior #5 (this sepia brown photos were taken by Dez Skinn himself).

You can see in the photo the images clearly marked and then used from the photos for the magazines cover.

Here is the cover of Warrior Magazine #5 showing the selected photos from the above photos.

Dez used to have offices in central London and every evening took a short cut from Soho Square to Tottenham Road tube station through a narrow alley behind the Astoria Theatre (long since pulled down) in the shadow of the Centrepoint skyscraper.
This gloomy alley was the visual he settled on photographing for the V cover because it seemed to contrast nicely with the high-rise modern backdrop.
The "gaslight" effect (actually the Astoria's stage door light) was achieved by a long exposure to saturate the glow and make it look like an old Victorian lamp. But he says it took him hours of waiting for the drama of there being only one window lit in those pre-Photoshop days!
The rip through the Vendetta lettering, in those rub-down transfer days, was achieved simply by scratching a scalpel through the Letraset! For the added drama of having V silhouetted against Centrepoint, ready for action, Dez got David to do a small drawing of the character (ironically this was David's only piece of published cover work in the full run of Warrior!).