About this website and my V For Vendetta collection.

The idea was started a long time ago after seeing trailers for the movie then the movie etc, but I never got the time needed to create the website due to coding, owning and running an online game.

It was only on 26-Aug-2012 06:35:05 UTC that I decided it was time to get a domain name and start building the site to show my collection etc.

The Collection.

Most of the items I own will be listed on the site, I try not to show silly things such as key rings or mugs and stuff but more relevant items such as collector sets, masks, screen used things, CGC comic collections and such like.

As stated on the homepage unfortunately nothing I have is for sale. Everything is also insured in case of fire/theft and those sorts of nasty things I don't want to happen lol.

The plan is to build the largest collection and reference of V For Vendetta items possible and archive it all online for people to see and enjoy.

Buying & Donations.

I shall gratefully accept any V For Vendetta related item for the collection and credit whoever donates it to me forever on the site, I understand people don't always want to give things away but to those of you who do I assure you a permanent place in the collection and my upmost respect and thanks. To those who wish to sell please contact me using the Contact Me form above with what you have and how much you would like for it (Not saying that I will be able to afford it) but I shall get back to you regardless.

Thank you.

Thanks have to go out to some of the people who made my collection possible such as Alan Moore, David Lloyd, Dez Skinn, CGC Comics, The Prop Store, Skunky From TheRPF and many many other people. Without these people and companies some of these items would not be in my collection now. I would also like to thank the various eBay sellers who have sold me the occasional item too. (To anyone I have forgot please contact me and I shall name you) I apologise for missing you out.

Finally thank you to YOU! whoever you are for coming here to check out my website and collection, I appreciate it, if you like my site please feel free to link it or share with others.

Please do not use any of my images without asking my permission first, All images are copyright to myself and my website and cannot be used without my consent.

For now take care each and every one of you and until we speak again......