Here is my V For Vendetta Screen Used Earpiece.

Here is my earpiece used in the James McTeigue's 2005 dystopian graphic novel adaptation V for Vendetta.

In a dystopian future where Britain has come under the thumb of an oppressive government, underground revolutionary V (Hugo Weaving) rescues young media worker Evey (Natalie Portman) before teaching her why the state must be brought down.

This matt black plastic earpieces and others like it can be seen throughout the film, worn by support staff at BTN (the state-run British Television Network). They are designed to fit snugly around the ear and feature a white label with the letters 'BTN' in bold black. There is also a design on the internal side, showing how sound would have come out. Evey (Portman) wears one in a scene with her boss Deitrich (Stephen Fry), as well as various security guards and other staff.

The earpiece is in excellent production-used condition.

Materials: Plastic.

Certificate of Authenticity from the Prop Store.