Here is some of my random V For Vendetta inspired items

My V For Vendetta Comic #1 Postcard

My 1 oz Copper V for Vendetta / Guy Fawkes Coin

This is a very limited-run "Guy Fawkes" model of copper coins produced exclusively by AOCS.

It features the face of Guy Fawkes on the front with the Parliament building in the background.

The phrase "Ideas are Bulletproof" is etched across the top, reminding us that our struggle for freedom can be stopped by nothing.

The reverse features an image of the three barrels of gun powder that were placed under the parliamentary building with the intention of destroying what it represented and the power it abused.

Etched around this image are the iconic words "Remember, remember the 5th of November".

AOCS is minting these with a very limited run

My V For Vendetta Digital Watch

My V Mask JDM Style Car Window Badge

My V Mask Car Tax Disc Holder

My V Mask Bronze Keyring