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Posted 12-15-2012 11:43 am

David Lloyd Artwork Added!!

Today I received from David Lloyd himself a nice piece of V artwork

Check it out here! -

This will perhaps be my last update this year so I would like to wish you all a merry xmas and a happy new year!! may 2013 be an awesome year for us all!!

Take care

Posted 10-4-2012 2:37 pm

Alan Moore Original Manuscripts Added!!

I have added my original Alan Moore V For Vendetta Manuscript

Click here to check it out
Posted 09-29-2012 7:03 pm

New Production Used Prints Added!!

V For Vendetta - Production Made Laser Prints of Concept Artwork

A set of production made laser prints of conceptual artwork for the 2005 thriller V for Vendetta. The seven prints consist of four images of the original execution of Guy Fawkes, an image of V conducting the explosion of the Old Bailey in London, concept art for the Fingerman’s handgun and a photograph of the BT tower in London. Each artwork measures 42cm x 30cm (16.5” x 12”)

Check them out here -
Posted 09-26-2012 9:16 pm


Updated the Autograph page today

Check here:

And also the CGC Signature Series page to include more images of my David Lloyd signed #2 V For Vendetta Comic

Check here: